Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

It’s been awhile since I posted to my blog although I’ve have been active on Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. People have asked me why and the answer is simple. Since I discovered Jamie Wagener using theblissfulkitchen my culinary enthusiasm derailed. The legal activities resulting from the discovery have been exhausting and perplexing. I’ve archived the original site on a private server and retained the blog. It’s hard to believe that one person would decide that circumventing an existing trademark for glossy aspirational purposes to establish a synthetic online ethos was a good idea. But, we are in an age of fake news, fake branding, and endless fake lifestyle gurus.

Nonetheless, authenticity will always trump imitation so I’m proud I created Blissful Kitchen in 2003 and it is solely my creation despite Jamie Wagener’s fallacy that adding an article makes it her “creation”. I have discovered a path forward and I shall take it.

Now, back to the food! I typically have a weekend routine that includes preparing a few items for the work week. I have to admit that although I spent so many years cooking professionally, I don’t always enjoy meal preparation during the week. Here are a few things I like to make in advance so that lunch preparation isn’t such a chore. Save time and prepare your lunch ingredients on Sundays. This week I made garbanzo beans, soba noodles, and yellow beets.

Garbanzo beans, soba noodles, and yellow beets

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