I could have never imagined …

My Blissful Kitchen brand would still be purloined by Jamie Wagener. I was truly fascinated to learn she “created” The Blissful Kitchen brand in 2011 and she considers herself a “truth seeker.” Last year’s East Indian cultural and ethos glorification have been replaced with a lively, colorful distinctly Instagram look. According to my records and cease-and-desist orders, I created the brand in 2003 when my Blissful Kitchen website was launched and my trademark was registered in 2004. The corresponding Twitter and Facebook, and Instagram accounts were launched in 2011. Fortunately, the original content of the multi-page site has been archived for possible future retrieval. We’ve entered a new frontier of brand infringement,fake news, counterfeit “experts”, and pseudo-chefs. The responsibility is on the consumer to determine the authenticity of online information.

Last year was a wonderful year filled with travel, food, and culture. I researched ways to fully protect a new brand url which is now residing securely on a private server until all the controls has been implemented. New plans for Blissful Kitchen are in progress so I’m looking forward to continuing authentic participation in a magnificent food world.

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