Flashback Friday!

Recently I started musing about how my blissful kitchen journey began. It was a sunny day in 2004 and I was driving north on Highway 101 just passing through Corte Madera when “Blissful Kitchen” popped into my consciousness. Since graduation from culinary school the previous year, I’d been thinking about what name would reflect my culinary perspective. What name would represent my passionate feelings about cooking and working with people in a way that improved the quality of their lives. Blissful Kitchen resonated with me and opened doors to many amazing experiences and relationships.

One that comes to mind is the time I submitted an entry into the Next Food Network Star® competition. I’d read a lot about the show and discovered that if I submitted a video with existing branding and won the competition, the network could own the branding as well. So, I made a decision not to include Blissful Kitchen®. I wasn’t selected as a contestant but we really had a lot of fun making the video. By the way, this video was taken in the fantastic kitchen in what still is one of my top five favorite client’s home. Lots of blissful times there!

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